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Mya E+ - Total Body Workstation

Manufacturer: Cesare Quaranta


Mya E + borns from the patent of Cesare Quaranta in slimming treatments and it develops thanks to scientific researchers carried out by the faculty of biotechnology and more than 30 million treatments provided in beauty institutes around the world.

Mya E+ guarantees immediate and long-lasting results in slimming, drainage, lipolysis, firming up, tissue and muscle toning.

Active Press - Presso Massage

Manufacturer: Cesare Quaranta

The Press Massagge stimulates circulation and defeat the unsightiness of cellulite.

Active Press is a press-massage equipment for professional beauty center. It carries out a controlled pressure wich leads to a lymph-venous drainage, extremely effective to defeat every beauty defects such as cellulite, water retention, oedemas, heaviness of lower and upper limbs.