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Active Press - Presso Massage

Special offer

Manufacturer: Cesare Quaranta

The Press Massagge stimulates circulation and defeat the unsightiness of cellulite.

Active Press is a press-massage equipment for professional beauty center. It carries out a controlled pressure wich leads to a lymph-venous drainage, extremely effective to defeat every beauty defects such as cellulite, water retention, oedemas, heaviness of lower and upper limbs.

Active Press is able to set out the proper pressure required by different sectors of the jambs, ensuring the maximum safety and effectiveness in each phase of the treatment.

The performed press-massage is:

  • Safe, with a system of automatic pressure setting, ideal for each sector
  • Effective since the first session, helps to defeat unsightliness of cellulite, water retention, shaping of the silhouette
  • Versatile as it offers a wide range of treatments by means of memorized programs, wich can be further on customized