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Mya E+ - Total Body Workstation

Special offer

Manufacturer: Cesare Quaranta

Mya E + borns from the patent of Cesare Quaranta in slimming treatments and it develops thanks to scientific researchers carried out by the faculty of biotechnology and more than 30 million treatments provided in beauty institutes around the world.

Mya E+ guarantees immediate and long-lasting results in slimming, drainage, lipolysis, firming up, tissue and muscle toning.

Ultrasound and electrostimulation

Doubled and improved plates emitting ultrasound and electrostimulation on same time are effective for slimming and cellulite contrasting treatments even more effective, rapid and long-lasting.

The ultrasound combines localized thermal and micromechanical effects, which make cellulite tissue component structures weak. Ultrasounds improve vascularisation, tissue massage, local heat production and cause molecular dissociation which leads to cellulite nodule breakup.

The electrostimulation stimulates the lymphaticvenous circulation, thus providing slimming and lipolytic effects and it increases the body general wellbeing.

Face and body electroporation handpiece

Handpiece treats the imperfections uniformly distributing the cosmetic on the skin and favoring the total absorption of active ingredients dissolved in it through electroporator action. It has the task of inducing small reversible structural changes in the stratum corneum, in this way it improves the permeability of tissues.

Anti Age Led Masque

The face mask with red LED stimulates the biological response of the photoreceptors by inducing a complex biochemical reactions of tissues effective in combating the signs of aging and sagging skin. The stimulation is athermic, painless, and it is suitable for any skin type. The result is a more toned, supple, youthful and healthy complexion in just few sessions.