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Hydromassage and spa equipment

Harmony Mediq

Manufacturer: NeoQi

The Harmony Mediq is premium model in Neoqi product range. Mediq is attractive for rehabilitation centres and health care institutions as it is longer, larger and easily accessible from all sides. Nevertheless, with its multitude of treatments Harmony Mediq is still an all-around cocoon suitable for beauty parlors, spa hotels, day spas, sports teams, recreation and spa centres.

Mediq Oxy

Manufacturer: NeoQi
Oxygen is essential for cell metabolism, and in turn, tissue oxygen is essential for all normal physiological functions. Oxygen generator located in Mediq Oxy allows the customer to enrich their body with extra oxygen besides other basic treatments possible with this equipment. There are two options – either targeting face or whole body area. Having more oxygen in your skin, helps it fight against pollution and aging.

Sauna and Calidarium

Manufacturer: Esagono

Made all in okumé wood and characterized by them unique and charming style, Esagono’s  Sauna Light™ and Calidarium Light™ (Turkish Bath) are the perfect match between modern technology, charming design and simplicity.

Thalatepee® Suite

Manufacturer: Esagono

It is characterized by a unique and distinctive design with a slightly Arabian style, featuring light copper and wood finishes that make it slim and elegant.

Neoqi Dream

Manufacturer: NeoQi

The SPA-capsule Dream is a carefully designed device, necessary for carrying out classical SPA rituals. Dream features the most popular and effective functions for body shape correction, improving blood circulation, cellulite reduction, stress relief and rejuvenation.


Manufacturer: NeoQi

The Flamingo SPA capsule has a number of technical updates in chromotherapy, infrared sauna and Vichy shower systems, through which you can extend the range of SPA treatments, as well as to maximize their effectiveness. Despite its versatility, the SPA-capsule Flamingo is very easy to use.

Harmony Pro

Manufacturer: NeoQi

Harmony Pro is second best all-inclusive spa system in the Harmony family. Functional capabilities match Mediq cocoons and meet high quality standards, only difference is design and front opening of the cocoon.

Aquaroll Pro

Manufacturer: Aquaroll SAS

Aquaroll systems are innovative bead massage systems for the feet, ankles, legs and hand / wrist. They meet the requirements of Spas,day spas, medi-spas, Hydrotherapy Centers,Beauty institutes Thermal Baths, Hotels, Health Farms, etc.

Using its hydromechanical operation to achieve an activation of the microcirculation and a reflexology effect from the moving beads, , Aquaroll provides a dynamic massage for the reflex zones of the feet and hands, inducing a feeling of intense relaxation.


Manufacturer: NeoQi

Relax SPA-cocoon is a high quality multifunctional product, which allows to enjoy steam and infrared sauna at the same time.


Manufacturer: NeoQi

Energy cocoon Balance – multifunctional and compact whirlpool with sauna functions. Small as a bath and functional as a spa, it is designed for installation into a corner. Among other benefits you can cleanse your body, fight stress and lose your body weight.