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Smart M Pro


Manufacturer: Lasotronix

Smart M Pro is the latest laser device used for cutting, coagulation and tissue vaporization. High-end optical system and the availability of different light sources (405nm, 635nm, 810nm or 980nm) as well as flexible fiber optic with a variety of handpieces provides a unique application scope in microsurgery and biostimulation considering such medical fields as dentistry, ENT and dermatology.

Smart M Pro diode laser dedicated for dentistry is equipped with three different wavelengths – 635nm, 405nm due to additional photochemical effects, and 980nm regarding it’s high water absorption. 635nm wavelength optimally selected for activating tolonium chloride dye for photo-activated chemo therapy eliminating all bacteria and biofilms without side effects. Additionally the laser can be equipped with diagnostic 405nm wavelength. Based on the autofluorescence phenomenon a doctor can precisely diagnose the extent of bacterial inflammations and changes on the mucosa invisible to the naked eye. 400mW of power provides safe, “cold” biostimulation and photoactivated disinfection in relatively short time of therapy. Due to proper applicators and parameters, we can significantly accelerate the healing process of any wounds.

  • Smart M Pro diode laser is one solution for cutting, coagulation, vaporization, biostimulation, Photoactivated Disinfection (PAD) and Diagnostics.
  • Smart M Pro provides maximal comfort and quality of work. It works only in place where fiber touches the tissue closing blood and lymphatic vessels, often without any need of placing any stitches.
  • Homeostatic cutting of tissues prevents from uncontrolled bleeding, tamponade or crusts. Therefore Smart M Pro allows us to do the microsurgery even when patients have tendency to bleeding or with blood clotting disorders.

The device is designed to be used in many medical fields. Available in many versions, differing in power and wavelength, it can be used in a small practice as well as in a large clinic. Due to its inherent properties and current technological advancement, the most versatile and efficient wavelength of a semiconductor diode module is 980nm. Variety of fiber optic accessories and handpieces allows more efficient treatment of a greater number of diseases.

  • Periodontology – sterilization and elimination of bacteria in gingival pockets
  • Endodontics – root canal sterilization and preparation.
  • Prosthetics, implantology, surgery - cutting and coagulation of soft tissue and gingival margin, treatment area preparation, implant exposure, abscess opening, frenulectomy, epulis removal, warts and fibroids cutting.
  • Biostimulation – the treatment of inflammation, irritation, pulp exposure, hypersensitivity, treatment of chronic refractory gingivitis and periodontitis, prosthetic bedsores, tissue healing after surgical modeling, mucosal regeneration, stops bleeding after tooth extraction, treatment of dry socket and inflammation of the oral cavity, eliminating afts and herpes, the treatment of inflammation of the maxillary sinuses, surgical throat wounds, trigeminal neuralgia, nerve fiber regeneration, injury of the temporomandibular joint.
  • Aesthetic dentistry - whitening of a single dead tooth and complex aesthetic whitening.
  • Pain Therapy - acute, chronic, degenerative diseases of the temporo-mandibular joints, degeneration of the hands, wrist, elbow joint, arm, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck and neck overload pain, herpes coagulation, aphta.
  • PAD – photoactivated disinfection – of root canals, gingival pockets (periimplantitis), implants (periimploantitis), cavities, treatment of inflammation of the oral cavity caused by a herpes virus and other viruses.
  • Diagnostics – of dental caries, calculus, plaque, enamel fracture, non-vital teeth, fillings and prosthetic restorations. Detection of bacteria and extent of oral mucosa pathologies invisible to the naked eye and pre-cancerous changes. Possibility of checking the precision of cavity preparation, root canal preparation and cleaning implant area.

Smart M Pro laser is also used in medical areas such as: - dermatology, ENT, ophthalmology, proctology, vascular surgery, orthopedic and aesthetic gynecology.

Technical specifications
Laser type diode, semiconductor
Operation mode continuous or pulsed
Wavelength 980nm -endo/perio/surgery/whitening/therapy
635nm - biomodulation, photoactivated disinfection
405nm - diagnostics
Max power up to 15W [CW], adjusted every 0,1 W for 980nm
up to 400mW [CW], adjusted every 10mW for 635nm
up to 100%, adjusted every 10% for 405nm
Pulse time 0,05ms - 10 000 ms
Frequency 0,05 -10 000Hz
Display TFT with touch panel
Pilot beam red, 635nm
Beam emmition initiation footswitch and button on the treatment handpiece
Cooling system internal, air, thermoelectric cooling and passive
Laser dimensions 270 x 245 x 90mm
Weight 2,5kg