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Cryosauna KAEKT-01 KRION

Manufacturer: Krion

Cryosauna is brand new equipment for health-improving action for the whole body. Cryosauna corrects physiological processes, restores natural balance, stimulates metabolism and immune system. Courses of treatment in cryosauna are short (2-3 min), provokes fast positive reaction. The result of cryotherapy can be seen in 5-10 min after the course of treatment (the procedure) and lasts no less than 6 hours.

Cryosauna "KAEKT-01 "KRION" is the most reliable and safe equipment for cryotherapeutical treatment, the patient is immersed in cryogenic gas up to shoulders here. The installation is used for individual courses of treatment according to local scheme of patients contact with heat source and represents cryosauna with adjustable position of patient.

For the last 5 years research productive company "KRION" produced more than 100 installations "KAEKT-01 "KRION", 1/3 of installations works now abroad. The equipment is allowed to be used and certificated in Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Israel, Poland, USA, Finland and the Ukraine.

Major advantages:

  • cryosauna "KAEKT-01 "KRION" is 20 times cheaper foreign copies
  • simplicity and reliability in usage
  • low electricity consumption, the installation operates from household network
  • minimum time for pre-using preparation, preparation time 5-10 min.
  • minimum location area
  • minimum requirements for technical qualification of the personnel
  • Cryosauna "KAEKT-01 "KRION" is the most purchased installation in the world. Installations of this kind were produced more than other kind.

With minimum dimensions and electrical power , "KAEKT-01 "KRION" can produce 15 courses of treatment per hour, and is in 8 time more effective than similar copies.

Indications and contraindications

The list of indications for cryotherapy is almost endless and is limited only by the specialization of medical institution, which use the complex. It is connected with the fact, that despite the variety of known diseases, almost all of them are connected with the immune system or metabolism disturbances. And the cryotherapy has a great positive remedial and normalization influence on immune system and metabolism of the patients.

Principal indications for basic aerocryotherapy complex:

  • Reduce of general resistance all organisms
  • Prevention for acute respiratory disease
  • Prevention for cardiovascular and bronchopulmonary diseases
  • Prevention for peripheral vessels disease
  • Polyarticular rheumatoid arthritis with prior join affection in active (3 extent ) and not active phase
  • Ankylosing [rheumatoid] spondylitis
  • Skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, neurodermatitis).

Thus, this cryotherapy treatment suits for the treatment of almost all known diseases. Exceptionally wide range of positive cryotherapy effects is confirmed by many recent published announcements on this topic. For example, Chernyshev in his manual points out the following promising fields of applied medicine: pulmonology, gynaecology, combustiology (burns treatment), general surgery (proctology and traumatology), gastroenterology, neuropathology and vertebrology, cosmetology and sports medicine.

Principal contraindications for basic aerocryotherapy complex:

  • General grave condition of patient
  • Decompensation chronically cardiovascular disease
  • Acute myocardial infarction and subsequent discharge
  • Cerebral impulse
  • Essential hypertension at 2 extant
  • Cardiac decompensation at 2 extant
  • Prognostic negative disturbances of cardiac rate and conductivity
  • Fever
  • Active pulmonary tuberculosis
  • Cancerous growth
  • Hysteric neuroses
  • Individual intolerance of coldness
  • Hemorrhagic diathesis.