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Aparaatne kosmetoloogia

Kosmetoloogiline aparaat Q-Frequency

Tootja: Cesare Quaranta

See on efektiivne aparaat raadiosagedusliku liftingu (radioliftingu) protseduuride sooritamiseks, mille eesmärk on naha noorendamine ja pinguldamine. Seade töötab sagedusel 500 kHz (0,5 MHz). Kõrgsagedusvoolude toimel soojeneb nahk tänu kudede endi otsesele soojuseraldusele.

Kosmetoloogiline aparaat Q-Sonic

Tootja: Cesare Quaranta


Q-Sonic  on uue põlvkonna aparaat, mis on varustatud 4-punktilise ultrahelikiirguri ja 4 infrapunalambiga. Kõrgsageduslik ultraheli (3 MHz) mõjutab kudesid naha all sügavuseni 2 – 3 cm – just seal, kus moodustub tselluliit.

Kosmetoloogiline aparaat Silk Sonic

Tootja: Cesare Quaranta

Silk Sonic on kosmetoloogiline aparaat, mis võimaldab sooritada selliseid protseduure nagu koorimine ultraheliga, kudede mikromassaaž ja aktiivainete viimine nahka (ionoforees).

Octoline 2

Tootja: EunSung

Octoline 2, EunSung is innovative skin care equipment. It offers optimized treatments for all who want to get skin care treatments on a daily basis and also good for people who need after care treatments after a laser treatment. Jet peeling and Scrubber remove the layers of dead skin and cleanse skin pores. Spray and Phonophoresis/Ultrasound deliver effective nutrients supplements into the skin through barrier zone. In combination of treatments, you can offer an optimized service to any patient with any skin type. You can treat 2 patients simultaneously with this single device.

Aqua Clean

Tootja: EunSung

Aqua Clean, Eunsung uses 4 different types of solution along with an advance vacuum technology. It is a innovative skin control system that works in 3 steps to dissolves impurities and other causes of skin problem then supplies nourishing properties to skin, resulting in reduced pore size and healthier skin.

Dr. Skin

Tootja: EunSung


Dr. Skin, EunSung is the specialized cosmetic device effectively to brighten and improve your skin tone with the diamond peeling system and the low frequency technology.


Tootja: EunSung

BeautyHeart, EunSung provides proven solution for Facial & Body treatment from advanced technology – combination of Multi-polarity electroporation and Double lifting. Multi-polarity Electroporation is an efficient method for enhancing transdermal solution delivery. Transdermal Delivery / Solution Delivery / Facial Lifting.

Duet RF

Tootja: EunSung


Duet RF, EunSung, is performing Fractional RF system and Thermal RF system in combination or separately. It is a skincare system which is effective to treat skin lesions as it is noninvasive and delivers RF energy deep into the dermal layer.