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Manufacturer: EunSung
3-MAX™ -  integrated system for the treatment of cellulite and body remodeling

Body remodeling system for the advanced treatment of cellulite - bipolar and multipolar radiofrequency, endermologic vacuum and integrated focused ultrasound cavitation. 3-MAX combines Ultra-Cavitation, Stable Multi-Polar & Bi-Polar RF and Vacuum technologies. It is designed to boost body contouring and fat & cellulite reduction, The Bi-polar applicator is specially designed for eye & neck lifting. This multi purposed device can satisfy the patients’ needs with dynamic and powerful vibration effects.

  • elimination of cellulite and reduction of the adipose layer
  • acceleration of the metabolism
  • regeneration of the collagen layer
  • reduction of the circumference
  • body remodeling
  • a firmer skin and wrinkle removal
The combined treatments of 3-MAX™ are the best solution for the problems associated with obesity

Multipolar radiofrequency (RF) with vacuum
The advanced multipolar radiofrequency system delivers thermic energy and electromagnetic waves deep in the dermal layers to stimulate the physiological processes. Radiofrequency offers results in the treatment of cellulite, body remodeling and collagen regeneration.

Focused ultrasound cavitation (CE Medical)
The continuous stimulation created by the cavitational pressure breaks the cellular membranes and causes an implosion which makes the fatty acids(triglicerides) self-destruct and transform from a solid to a liquid substance (diglycerides), making them more absorbable for the body’s natural waste disposal system, the lymphatic system and the urinary system.

Bipolar radiofrequency (RF) with vacuum
The bipolar radiofrequency can affect the dermal layers to a depth of 5-10mm, assisting the metabolism in the burning of adipose layers. The combined effects of the radiofrequency with the vacuum’s massage is a solution without any side effects, that improves the aspect of cellulite and the skin’s general condition. A series of treatments for maintenance have long lasting results.


A. Body Applicator
  The optimized RF technology special suction system has the effects of 1Mhz Multipolar RF/ Vacuum/Red LED Light Therapy and provides 4 types of dynamic and powerful vibrations for perfect and safe treatments without any pain.

B. Cavitation Applicator
Powerful cavitational performance by dual generator Stable & Effective 36KHz frequency Operating signal light function Effect to deep fat lay treatment Short treatment time, No-pain, Long lasting result.

C. Face Applicator
2Mhz Bipolar RF/Vacuum Specialized Bi-Polar Facial applicator allows to perform eye& neck treatment Dynamic & strong vibration effect by special pneumatic suction system Dramatic Facial lifting effect / Promote lymphatic drainage Various Vacuum pulse available.

D. Screen & Control board
You can select a type of the hand piece you want to use on the LCD screen. Select “Cavitation/RF & Vacuum” for the body Select “RF & Vacuum” for the face.

E. Integrated Technology
The Integrated Technology represents 3-MAX’s specialized combined technology from RF, Vacuum technologies. At Body Applicator combined Multi-Polar RF, Vacuum technologies, it works in same time and this makes it possible to accuracy and efficiency treatment.

Technical specifications
Vacuum power650mmHG
RadiofrequencyMultipolar (1MHz), Bipolar (2MHz)
Ultrasound frequency36 KHz
Display7 inch touchscreen
Dimensions505x405x1330 mm
Weight52 Kg
ManufacturerEunsung Global Corp.
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