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SPA kapsel Mediq Oxy

Tootja: NeoQi
The Mediq Oxy spa capsule is a powerful hydro- and physiotherapeutic complex that offers a full spectrum of wholesome spa treatments. The unique feature of this energy cocoon is the oxygen concentrator that it is equipped with, which imbues the skin with oxygen during the spa rituals. Enriching the body with oxygen has a rejuvenating effect, normalizes blood pressure, restores sleep rhythm and improve general well-being.

The spa capsule functions allow carrying out effective weight loss, body shape correction and cellulite reduction programs. Guaranteed results are achieved by carrying out treatments that are aimed at skin tone and elasticity enhancing, deep relaxation, quick recovery after physical trauma and different disease prevention. The energy cocoon creates a unique environment that helps battle chronic exhaustion and stress, putting the patient in the state of complete harmony and absolute happiness. Even a short session in the Mediq Oxy spa capsule allows fully resting and replenishing vital forces.

The Mediq Oxy spa capsule was specifically designed for spa salons, medical, sports and rehabilitation centers.