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Thalatepee® Suite

Manufacturer: Esagono
It is characterized by a unique and distinctive design with a slightly Arabian style, featuring light copper and wood finishes that make it slim and elegant.

Thalatepee Suite was designed to give wellness centres the chance to provide their customers with several treatments. According to the model, the suite can offer several activities: from the Turkish bath to sauna, to thermal water circuits and the most fashionable massage techniques”.
Thalatepee Suite is completely made of okoumé wood, creating a warm and comfortable environment that protects the customers who enjoy the various treatments.

The name Thalatepee Suite is very distinctive and comes from the hut (Tepee) of Native Americans. Inside the tepee, the Lakota people – also known as Sioux – performed the important purification ritual called Inipi, one of their seven sacred rituals. For the Sioux people, purification was an essential practice and was performed before any other sacred ritual. The purification of the body and soul allowed to “be born again”, which is the meaning of the word Inipi in the Sioux language.

We wanted to create a facility that was based on the natural and simple principles of water, air, fire and earth, in order to recreate the purification process that has always been popular in all the cultures of the world through history. As a matter of fact, the Arabian design of Thalatepee Suite Prestige® recalls the ancient tradition of steam-based purification, which has always been practices in the Mediterranean basin. Nowadays, more and more people are looking for systems that are able to provide wellbeing and health, reviving the interest for ancient traditions and natural things. For this reason, Esagono del Benessere has created Thalatepee Suite Prestige®, to let people enjoy again all the benefits of ancient rituals in a modern way.

Our current lifestyle often puts us under stress and pressure; being able to seek refuge in a comfortable and welcoming environment with colours, perfumes, sounds and ambience has proved to be one of the best natural therapies to invigorate and relax body and soul.

Thalatepee Suite allows the centre to be equipped with a useful and practical tool. Treating the customer within a dream cabin enhances the benefits of the treatment and makes the centre more attractive.

The chance to create the ideal climate for the selected treatment ensures that customers are in ideal climate conditions, allowing their bodies to enjoy the treatment at their best and ensuring its results. Thanks to the several wellbeing activities and the internal equipment offered to operators and customers, the results will be immediately outstanding.

Multisensory wellnessThalatepee Suite

Thalatepee is a five star Suite where each star represents one of the senses You can experience here:

olfatto - aromi ed essenze
udito - musica e suoni
tatto - vapore acqueo caldo, massaggi e rituali
vista - cromoterapia e ambiente rilassante
gusto - vapore salino