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Sauna and Calidarium

Manufacturer: Esagono
Made all in okumé wood and characterized by them unique and charming style, Esagono’s  Sauna Light™ and Calidarium Light™ (Turkish Bath) are the perfect match between modern technology, charming design and simplicity.

In the warm and welcoming atmosphere, your customers will enjoy all the innumerable benefits of the steam and the heat, combining relax needing with health and beauty.

Since the ancient times, Sauna and Turkish Bath (Calidarium) was considered very effective for reducing tensions and stress and more over for alleviate the inflammation of the breathing apparatus, the rheumatic problems, muscular, articular, improving the blood circulation, strengthen the lymphatic and  immune system, improving the elimination of exceeding liquids and toxins, get better the skin apparence.

Sauna and Calidarium are conceived to be extremely comfortable and studied in every single detail, they can guest till 5 persons and allow them to enjoy their wellness treatment completely inside the suite.
Features: measurements: 179x228x246 h., temperature control, ergonomic seats, music-therapy and all the comforts that make Esagono’s equipment unique.

The Calidarium moreover have cromotherapy system ceiling and a practical internal shower that allow the customer refresh himself in totally relax without exiting. Sauna & Calidarium are new Suites that allow you to satisfy the request of your customers with high quality standards and very Esagono’s charming design.

Sauna Tepee®, dotata di generatore di calore, cromoterapia, musicoterapia, porta di accesso in vetro temperato, sistema di controllo della temperatura e gestione manuale del trattamento, è disponibile nelle seguenti versioni: