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Manufacturer: Lemi
Sereneya is a spa wooden couch offering total comfort. The modern design and the warmth of wood are ideal to inspire real wellness atmosphere with pleasant and relaxing solutions. Sereneya is the first electric couch in the world completely made of wood, with two electric motors 24 V. cc. to adjust the couch height and the leg-rest respectively, ensuring the utmost comfort to clients without interruptions or unpleasant movements during adjustment. Sereneya is a multifunctional couch, ideal for spa body and face treatments, supplied with adjustable backrest and face-hole headrest. The mattress is made of first-rate foam with 5 years warranty against deformation. Lemi Group offers a wide choice of more than 40 different colours upholstery. 

Face treatments, hair removal, pressure therapy, facial cleansing treatments, scrubs, face and body masks, treatments with beauty equipment, all types of massages and body treatments, facial and body check-ups and body wraps.