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Manufacturer: Cesare Quaranta

The innovation of Unica is the combination of three different methodics: capacitive radio frequency, ultrasounds and electroporesis. Thanks to their combined action, Unica® fights the most diffused skin beauty defects bringing back their natural elasticity and wellness.

Radiofrequency for face

Unica fights the relaxation of the tissues stimulating the deepest layers of the epidermis. The capacitive radio frequency, developing endogenous heat, effectively revitalizes the subcutaneous collagene without damaging the superficial layers. It fight the cutaneous relaxion attenuating the wrinkles with a long lasting lifting.

Ultrasound scrub for face and body

The scrubing effect of the spatula eliminates all the toxins and the dead cells accumulated on the superficial layer of the epidermis, while the ultrasounds produce a thermal effect that stretch tissues and accelerate the metabolism of the fibroblastis, main responsible of the production of new collagene. The action of the ultrasounds cleanses in depth and gently massages the skin favoring the vascular and the lymphatic drain of the treated zone.


The electroporesis allows the cosmetics active principles expressly studied for skin rejuvenation to penetrate the cutaneous barrier, thus improving their effects. The emission of direct current issued by the electrodes in contact with the body, acts on the ions electric charge making them passing from one pole to another. As a result the active principles penetrate more deeply and more easily throuth the skin, if compared to a normal massage.