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Q-Frequency - Radiofrequency

Manufacturer: Cesare Quaranta

Q-frequency gets unexpected results for tissues toning, wrinkles treatments, reduction of body area affected by cellilite beauty defects, slimming treatments. Fast improving of tissues and immediate and visible results are achieved by bio-compatible enegy transfer through skin, derma and hypoderm, reaching cell affected by beauty defects.

Face and body, double action

Acting directrly on collagen in deep layers with capacitive radio-frequency hand-piece, and in a more superficial layer with resistive radio-frequency hand-piece, tissue elasticity and derma toning really improve, with visible results since first session and immediate lifting anti-age effect.

Q-frequency has the capacity of maximizing transmission of active principles contained in beauty products; this makes even stronger Q-Frequency effects.

One of the greater effect of Q-Frequency is given by electro-magnetic waves emission, wich improves the sodium-potassium pump activity of fibroblastic membrane, stimulating production of new collagen, elastin and ialuronic acid.

You can achieve excellent results in wrinkle, cellulite reduction, skin rejuvenation, reduction volume of fat.

Skin structure is restored after a few sessions, the effect is increasing during the next 4-6 months and persists for a year.

The result of radio-frequency is a lifting effect. The immediate effect is due to a controlled reduction of the collagen fibers of the skin frame. Upon reaching a certain temperature, starts remodeling of collagen. The collagen fibers begin to acquire an initial elasticity and shrink. Visually, this is expressed in skin tightening and wrinkle reduction. Deferred lifting effect is achieved due to the fact that the heating of the dermis to certain temperatures launches a series of compensatory mechanism including proliferation of fibroblasts, increasement of local blood circulation and accelerated production of three-dimensionally-oriented neocollagen, that is typical for young skin.

Research in clinical practice has shown that after the termolifting treatment skin rejuvenation occurs most favorable due to internal reserves of the body.

Technical characteristics
Type of equipment RF transmitter 230 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Supply on request110 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 250 VA
Frequency 500 kHz
The level of high impedance Adjustable from 0% to 100%, 0-100 W
The level of low impedanceAdjustable from 0% to 100%, 0-20 W
Power for BIA 0,8 mA-5 kHz, 100 kHz
Treatment durationSet automatically according to the program, you can change treatment duration from 5 to 99 min.
1 program for face (low impedance)
12 programs for body (low impedance)
1 program for face (high impedance)
12 programs for body (high impedance)
1 program for BIA test
1 program for operation smart cards
1 program for counting treatments
1 program for controlling device
Wave form Sinusoids
Display LCD 350 x 240 monochrome blue on white
Weight 10 kg
Fuse 2 x 6,3 AT (slow motion) 5 x 20
Measurements 36 x 50 x 96 cm
ClassificationClass I, type V
Temperature range 10-45°C
Humidity 0-85 % non-condensing