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Aquaroll Pro

Manufacturer: Aquaroll SAS

Aquaroll systems are innovative bead massage systems for the feet, ankles, legs and hand / wrist.  The principles of Aquaroll are routinely used by spas,  day spas, mediSpas, beauty institutes, thermal baths, hotels, health farms  and rehabilitation centers for physical therapy for the feet, ankles, hands and wrists following injury or surgery.

Using its hydromechanical operation to achieve an activation of the microcirculation and a reflexology effect from the moving beads, , Aquaroll provides a dynamic massage for the reflex zones of the feet and hands, inducing a feeling of intense relaxation.

Aquaroll bead hydromassage systems consist of: a removable tank filled with glass beads and liquid (water, sea water, spring water) moved by rotation while the feet, ankles, hands or wrists are immersed.

The innovative aspect of Aquaroll consists in its unique combination of hydrotherapy, thermotherapy, pressotherapy, kneading, peeling ,friction and percussion. The simultaneous action of these different natural techniques provides great performance for heavy legs, beauty and rejuvenation of the skin ,pedicure/manicure, well-being ,recovery after sport, flexibility of the joints of the feet, ankles, hands and wrists, alleviates muscle tension, reduces edema and relieves pain.

  • performs a natural dynamic massage reaching the entire limb or joint
  • activates blood microcirculation and lymphatic flow
  • beautifies the skin of hands and feet
  • refreshes and drains swollen legs
  • improves joint flexibility and range of motion
  • accelerates the elimination of toxins following competitive or endurance sports and provides a more effective cool-down, thereby aiding better recovery for athletes after exercise
  • improves the appearance and suppleness of scars
  • reduces swelling and reabsorbs edema
  • alleviates pain and provides an intense feeling of stress relief
  • stimulates the reflex zones of the feet or hands corresponding to the various parts of the body or internal organs. Aquaroll can therefore have beneficial effects on the back, shoulder, etc.

It is the combination of numerous massage techniques that enables Aquaroll to provide a number of benefits.

The pressure exerted by the movement and the density of the bead-liquid mixture compresses the immersed limb, either partially or completely, creating flux and reflux that promotes blood and lymphatic circulation. This intermittent pressure has a decongesting effect, allowing superficial and deep drainage of muscle masses, as well as reabsorption of swelling and edema of the feet, ankles, hands and wrists.

The flux and reflux of the bead-liquid mixture work the skin and muscle planes, relaxing them. This kneading releases tension in the superficial and deep muscle masses, as well as the ligament and tendon structures, and also improves joint flexibility.

The glass beads in the liquid collide against the immersed limb with variable levels of force and at varying speeds. This tapping has a sedative effect on the skin, tissues, joints, muscles ligaments, tendons and cartilages. This sedative effect is combined with improved joint flexibility.

The glass beads in the liquid at the desired temperature slide against the skin, providing variable levels of compression on the superficial skin planes and underlying tissues, depending on the intensity and pressure controlled by the rotation speed. This contact offers a number of benefits: it provides a local heating effect, desensitisation of skin planes and intense relaxation.

The movement of the beads and the liquid mobilises the cutaneous and subcutaneous tissues and works all the structures between these and the muscle or tendon region to be treated. The effect sought is relaxation of these structures and the reduction of local edema. This also improves the suppleness and appearance of scars on the feet, ankles, hands and wrists.

The vibrations of the bead-liquid medium are characterised by alternating pressure and release of pressure on the skin, tissues, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons and cartilages to be treated. The result is a sedative effect on nerves.

Lastly, the temperature has an effect on the immersed limb. For example, heat relaxes the feet, ankles, hands and wrists while a cold liquid stimulates the body, contracts the vessels, reduces inflammation and tones the muscles.


  • Relaxation/Recreation
  • Swollen legs/feet, hands/wrists
  • Heavy legs/Veinous insufficiency
  • Enhanced hand and feet skin
  • Pedicure/manicure
  • Rejuvenation of skin
  • Blurring aging spots, anti-aging care
  • Musculoskeletal disorders or MSDs
  • Joint pain/Rheumatism Reflex therapy
  • Pain in the hands or feet
  • Red, inflamed scars
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Dupuytren’s contracture
  • Cool down/Recovery
  • Twists/Sprains

Aquaroll is mains operated. It is mounted on wheels making it easy to move. Its design, colors and size have been specially conceived so that it can fit harmoniously into your establishment.

Removable tank containing 11 litres of glass beads and 3.8 litres of water.

Control panel: This is used to set the rotation in order to decrease or increase the massage speed, and to supply fresh hot or cold water.

Wheels: The system can be easily moved to the chosen location and secured by an integrated lock system.

Hot water supply and shower: Aquaroll Pro’s fast, practical automatic filling, draining and rinsing using water at regulated temperature is ideal for frequent use or simply convenience.

Mains operated: Electricity consumption 2Kw/h.


  • Height 106 cm (41.7 in)
  • Depth 103.5 cm (40.7 in)
  • Width 69 cm (27.2 in) 

Aquaroll has been developed and is made in France. It complies with European standards and the criteria of the French and European health authorities, which are very demanding in terms of health and safety.

Aquaroll carries the medical CE mark. This standard guarantees the safety of the device and protection of users.

Aquaroll bead hydromassage fits into your concept, allowing you to offer new services and hence anticipate trends and generate sources of growth.