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Manufacturer: Venus Concept

Advanced Hair Transplant Technology

NeoGraft is the global leader in hair restoration technology with its revolutionary automated Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and implantation system. The procedure leaves no linear scar and is minimally invasive with fast patient recovery.


No Visible Scar. Fast Recovery. Minimally Invasive.

NeoGraft is a modern hair transplant technique that lets you add thickness and density back to your hairline without many of the downsides of a traditional hair transplant. Hair transplantation involves removing hairs from the back and sides of your head (known as a "donor site") and transplanting them into areas that with thinning or no hair, such as the temples or crown of your scalp.
A hair transplant lets you add hair back to places where it doesn’t grow anymore. Once hair is transplanted, it will grow as normal, letting you reverse the visual effects of hair loss.

Originally, hair transplants used a "strip harvesting" method to extract hair follicles from the back of your head. While this method is effective for harvesting the hair, it leaves a large, visible scar that can cause embarrassment for many people.

If you keep your hair long, the scar will be covered up and usually isn’t an issue. However, if you decide to cut your hair short or shave your head (or, in some cases, if you just have a light hair color), there’s a chance that the strip scar will be visible to other people.

NeoGraft avoids the problem of a strip scar by extracting hair follicles using an FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method.
This method involves removing hair follicles in groupings of one to four hairs, without removing a large patch of skin. Instead of a strip scar, NeoGraft leaves hundreds of extremely small scars in the rear section of your scalp, most of which are so small they’re completely unnoticeable.

The Benefits of NeoGraft
  • NeoGraft is minimally invasive. Because hair follicles are extracted in small amounts using a handheld harvesting tool, there’s no need for stitches or staples to be used, as they would be for a traditional FUT transplant.
  • NeoGraft is less uncomfortable than a traditional hair transplant. Because there’s no scalpel and no long incision, the procedure is more tolerable for the patient and produces far less discomfort.
  • NeoGraft has a short recovery period. People usually recover faster after a NeoGraft hair transplant than after a traditional hair transplant, largely because the procedure itself is far less invasive. In fact, most people can resume normal activity within a few days of their procedure, making it easy to get back into the swing of things and return to a normal schedule.
  • NeoGraft produces a natural looking hairline. Unlike older hair transplant methods, which were notorious for a "pluggy" look, NeoGraft uses hair follicles in batches of one to four units to create a natural hairline that doesn’t look like the result of a cosmetic procedure.

Optimized work flow
  • Double-jointed arm and enhanced ergonomics enable more comfortable procedures for both patients and physicians
  • Introduction of recipient site creation handpiece that delivers more standardized implants
  • Tools and tubing are neatly organized
  • Handpieces are completely autoclavable
Intuitive touchscreen interface
  • Automatic, real-time graft counts and patient data management to eliminate manual counting and paperwork
  • Wireless connectivity enables remote access for diagnostics, maintenance, automatic upgrades, and procedural data
Pneumatic motor
  • Piston-driven pneumatic motor delivers more precise pressure control for both extraction and implantation
  • Quieter, more efficient, and more consistent suction
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