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Manufacturer: Venus Concept
The ARTAS iX™ robotic hair restoration system

An advanced hair restoration system that combines robotic and AI technology.
The ARTAS iX™ robotic hair restoration system is the world’s only comprehensive intelligent solution to offer precise, repeatable harvesting with simultaneous recipient site-making and implantation functionality in one compact platform.

Intelligent and precise hair restoration procedures

Deliver a personalized hairline design for every patient with state-of-the-art precision and efficiency.

Intelligent, Accurate, Precise & Repeatable

Advanced 3-Camera Stereoscopic Vision System with 44 micron resolution and 7-axis robot arm:

  • Intelligently analyzes and selects grafts from donor area with no risk of linear scarring
  • Accurately identifies and creates optimal recipient sites and simultaneously implants each harvested graft
  • Protects existing terminal hair, maintaining a natural appearance in the donor and implantation areas.

The system is able to intelligently analyze and select appropriate grafts from the donor area without the risk of causing a linear scar. It also accurately identifies and develops optimal recipient sites while simultaneously implanting each harvested graft. By protecting the patient’s existing terminal hair, ARTAS iX™ works to maintain a more natural appearance in both the donor site and the implantation area.

Artas Robot-Assisted Precision Harvesting

The unique ARTAS harvesting system uses advanced image-guided robotics that precisely dissect follicular units thousands of times per session using intuitive controls and intelligent algorithms that select and harvest the patient’s most viable hair for transplant.

  • Identifies and harvests ideal grafts at the appropriate angle and depth while conserving natural look of the patient’s donor area
  • Produces healthy grafts and results in minimal scarring by using patented dissection
  • Reduces the risk of human error and damaged grafts

  • ARTAS Artificial Intelligence™ algorithms are a significant advancement for hair restoration procedures with unique benefits for the physician.

    • Effectively identifies and works to protect existing permanent hair
    • Creates more precise recipient sites
    • Facilitates an aesthetically appealing, natural-looking result
    • Reduces operator fatigue
    • Provides consistent results
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