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Venus Epileve™


Manufacturer: Venus Concept
Venus Epileve™ laser hair removal machine

A cost-effective hair removal tabletop solution An easy-to-use diode laser with high efficacy and safety that delivers a positive ROI for growing aesthetics practices. Venus Epileve™ is fast, comfortable, and ensures coverage that is safe for all skin types, including tanned skin.

Fast, effective, and comfortable treatments for all skin types

Venus Epileve™ is the cost-effective and easy-to-use tabletop diode laser device that will generate a positive ROI to aesthetic practices offering hair removal. Its unique technological features make it one of the easiest to use laser hair removal devices in the industry. Treatments are very comfortable, fast, and highly efficacious for all skin types.

•  Work with a footswitch or an ergonomic applicator (designed for left- and right-hand use), whichever suits you best
•  Pre-set parameters and an auditory guidance system, that standardizes the delivery of treatment by signaling you when to move, makes the results more predictable and consistent
•  Venus Epileve™ is a tabletop device, this makes it easier to move it around on a standard trolley for increased mobility and efficiency

•  Two modes of operation: PULSE and SLIDE mode
•  PULSE delivers higher energy at a lower repetition rate, which leads to fewer treatment sessions
•  SLIDE mode delivers a high repetition rate of short pulses, ensuring full treatment coverage with virtually no patient discomfort. The auditory guidance system included with this mode of treatment helps technicians deliver consistent and efficacious outcomes

•  Real-time cooling system monitors the applicator temperature frequently
•  Maintains effectiveness, yet is virtually painless throughout the session, which boosts client compliance without impacting efficacy
•  No downtime for cooling translates to higher productivity for your clinic

•  Internet of Things (IoT) is the latest technology to enhance business operations in many different industries
•  Venus Epileve™ boasts unique IoT capability, helping to optimize everything from treatment protocols to results
•  Usage data provided by IoT integration helps in device maintenance and ensuring treatment efficiency