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Epil Star 808 Laser System


Manufacturer: Cesare Quaranta
Laser represents the new goal of permanent hair removal treatments: it allows  to deal with the imperfection of unwanted hair with deep effects , significant and longlasting than other aesthetic technologies.

Epilstar Laser System 808 generates a laser beam with a wavelength of 808 nm at 800 watts of power, allowing to target selectively the chromophore, inhibiting hair bulbs and germinative cells without damaging the surrounding tissues . The wavelength of 808nm is, in fact, the best to be absorbed by the melanin.

The high frequency pulse output (10Hz) makes treatment very fast in half of the time compared to pulsed light devices.

The device is equipped with a double system of water cooling and Peltier cells integrated in the handpiece which allows the simultaneous cooling of the diode and of the skin.

The greater selectivity of the wavelength, the rapidity of the pulse emission and the advanced cooling system of the skin  are characteristics which allow the use of higher powers compared to the technology of pulsed light . At the same time it allows to operate safely even on darker skin types and tanned skin, with visible and impressive results.


  • Handling time is halved
  • Reduced number of applications (from 4 to 10)
  • Painless  Treatment
  • Possibility to treat all skin types and tanned skin
  • Cooling of the diode and skin through Peltier cell system
  • Reduced maintenance costs thanks to the longevity of the technology