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Furniture and accessories


Manufacturer: Lemi

An electric bed with a functional and modern design, ideal for Spa treatments and massages. The Gemya comes standard with 3 electric motors for adjusting the height of the bed and the inclination of the seat and backrest, thereby providing both the customer and the operator with maximum comfort.


Manufacturer: Lemi

A multifunction SPA bed with an excellent price-quality ratio. The use of natural materials (aluminum and wood), combined with the linear design of the base, render this unit perfect for furnishing any Spa in an original and exclusive manner. The height of the bed can be adjusted by means of an electric pedal control, while a convenient manual mechanism facilitates the positioning of the backrest. Although particularly well-suited for massage, the Eikos can also be used for facial and body treatments.


Manufacturer: Lemi

Only the finest natural materials, for a modern, multi-function treatment table that combines comfort and ease of use with exceptional workspace optimization. Thanks to the innovative mattress with HBS Stress Relief System, the Venice model guarantees maximum comfort for both the client and practitioner alike.


Manufacturer: Lemi

Sereneya is a spa wooden couch offering total comfort. The modern design and the warmth of wood are ideal to inspire real wellness atmosphere with pleasant and relaxing solutions. Sereneya is the first electric couch in the world completely made of wood, with two electric motors 24 V. cc. to adjust the couch height and the leg-rest respectively, ensuring the utmost comfort to clients without interruptions or unpleasant movements during adjustment.