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Manufacturer: Bioxis

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CYTOSIAL DEEP WRINKLES is indicated for:

Volume restoration and the filling of cutaneous depressions and wrinkles Facial reconstruction of volumes in the event of light-to-moderate lipodystrophies, i.e dueto HIV treatment.

Cytosial is a monophasic hyaluronic acid gel used to reduce the signs of aging used by a practitioner, produced in France and complying with the strictest standards. Cytosial has the particularity of having a double level molecular organization, it offers a high rheological performance, a long-lasting effect and an increased safety.

Cytosial Deep Wrinkles
Is indicated for:
The filling of deep facial wrinkles, such as nasolabial foldsand marionette lines.

Correct deep lines:
Deep nasolabial fold
Deep marionette fold
HA concentration: 25 mg/mL
Volume: 1.1ml
Needle size: 27G1/2
Injection: Deep dermis
Ejection force: 10 - 25 N
BDDE rate: 1.50%
BDDE residual rate: < 2 ppm

Optimized linearization process Thin layer crosslinking Product similar to extracellular matrix
Constant force injection
Less BDDE for the same rheological properties
Low shear rate destructuration Slow degradation by hyaluronidase
Continuous dialysis process to eliminate all residues Better conserve HA chains

CE.pngManufacturing processes
CE mark certified and
under CFDA inspection
ISO.pngCertification ISO 13485
and CE mark by BSI, the
highest European standards
flag-round-250.pngLaboratory and production
manufactory based in Lyon,