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Q-Sonic - High Frequency Ultrasounds

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Manufacturer: Cesare Quaranta

Q Sonic is an innovative device employed for localised slimming that generates hi-frequency ultrasounds able to destroy the adipose cells.Q Sonic is an effective tool against: fat, water retention and cellulitis, it is safe and its results are lasting.

4 source hand-piece

Q-Sonic is not just a simple ultrasound emitter, within its hand-piece there are four independent sources that simultaneously focalise their energy in the area to treat. This way you can treat the area where the adipose deposit is located, from four different directions, increasing the mechanical action of the device.

Infrared action

The thermal action induced by infrared stimulates deeply the biological tissue. Infrared have the capability to penetrate in depth into tissues, inducing heat and favouring vasodilatation, as an immediate consequence it improves the venous and lymphatic circulation.

Cell revitalisation and the reopening of interchange between the blood vessels and the lymphatic ones is an indicator of improved circulation, and indispensable requirement when eliminating cellulitis.

Simple treatment

Q-Sonic benefits simultaneously from the 3 MHz ultrasounds, and the infrareds. The treatment is performed by sliding the hand-piece on the body following circular movements.

Prior to treatment, place a layer of specific ultrasound gel between the skin and the hand-piece. The gel not only ensures the cooling of the area, making the session more pleasant, but it also improves the energetic coupling between the hand-piece and the human organism.

Q-Sonic efficacy

  • remodelling areas affected by adiposity
  • treat the orange peel surface and the blemishes linked
  • to cellulitis
  • improve the tissue tone making it more compact and smooth
  • reactivate the lymphatic circulation favouring vasodilatation