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Manufacturer: EunSung

Coolmax is the innovative CoolShaping system and safely delivers precisely controlled cooling to gently and effectively target the fat cells underneath the skin with the cooling sensor and the cool pad to shape your body without pain. The treated fat cells are crystallized (frozen), then die without damaging the skin or surrounding tissue of the blood vessel and the nerve. Over time, your body naturally processes the fat and eliminates these dead cells.


Coolmax System
Integrated Technology by Cryo, Vacuum and LED
Synergistically utilizing Cooling lipolysis, Vacuum and LED to reduce fat cells and breaking down the fat.

Strong Cooling lipolysis system
– Two powerful cooling Peltiers attached to the hand piece.
– Automatically control the cooling temperature.
– maximum -10 °C

Stable vacuum technology
– Controllable vacuum level : step 1(low) to step 5 (high)
– Various vacuum pulses : Pulse 1 (continuous) to Pulse 4 Continuous mode, slow, middle, fast

The fat cells can be treated better with cooling under controlled conditions.
1) The fat cells exposed to cooling energy are crystalized and led to Apoptosis. They die over time. Inflammation mediator and cytokine will induce inflammatory responses in order to eliminate the dead cells.
2) The inflammatory responses will eliminate the dead fat cells and reduce the thickness of the fat layer over a couple of months.
3) The procedure induces lymphatic drainage of the dead fat cells.


A. Cooling Peltier
They are located on the both sides of the hand pieces inside.

B. Various sizes of Hand pieces
3 sizes(large, medium, small) of the hand pieces are provided for treating various target areas.(They are optional and purchased separately)

C. Optional Large Hand-piece
Max 700mmHg Vacuum technology
Max -10℃ CoolShaping technology
4 different pulse modes

D. LCD Control Board
Wide its touch screen control panel you can easily change the modes during the treatment. You can choose the cooling temperature, the type of pulse, and the pressure level of vacuum according to the condition of the patient. It enables you to perform delicate treatments. Optimized 3-step scientific program for convenient treatments.

E. LCD Control Board
You can get the maximum effects with the powerful cooling vacuum function.

Before and after