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Manufacturer: Cesare Quaranta

The endodermic massage of Airy acts on the cellulite imperfection and the localised fat, recovering tone and elasticity for the tissues. This is a laser fat removal devide.
This device can be used safely on all body areas and has remarkable remodelling effects even after the first treatment. Its key point is the simultaneous and synergic action of three technologies operating on body shaping: endodermic massage by suction, LLLT laser and resistive radiofrequency.

Endodermic Massage

The main action is at the connective tissue level, by a distribution of the fat thanks to repeated suction and release of the cutaneous and subcutaneous tissues. The working cycle is made of 2 steps for a deep and strong action alternating with a softer and relaxing one.

The endodermic massage locally stimulates the tissues, reactivates the cell activity and boosts the micro circulation, increasing the blood flow and the tissue oxygenation. Besides that it promotes the relaxation of the collagen fibres.

LLLT Laser: Slimming Action

The light is able to penetrate the skin barrier, to effect photochemical feedbacks in the target tissues, to start lipolysis of the adipocytes and activating “chain” reactions . The laser action increases the gradient of cytochrome membrane as well as ATP exchanges and their synthesis, culminating in the conversion of triglycerides into fat acids and glycerol which can go through the temporary pores of the membrane.

Lifting by Radiofrequency

The Resistive Radiofrequency consistently helps to improve the skin texture because it works directly on the collagen fibres which build the skin structure. Its effect is immediate and progressive: it is well visible on derma since the end of the treatment and it continues in the following days with the lasting activity of fibroblasts in the synthesis of new collagen.

The hyperthermia provoked by radiofrequency promotes the reactivation of vascularisation which is necessary for a good detoxifying action and for draining the stored liquids.

Airy highly performs in:

  • reducing the localised fat;
  • counteracting the cellulite imperfection;
  • reactivating the lymphatic circulation;
  • draining the stored liquids;
  • recovering the skin tone and elasticity