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3D LifeViz® Infinity


Manufacturer: QuantifiCare
All-in-one 3D system

The first portable 3D imaging system for breast, body and face capable of photodocumentation, 3D skin analysis and simulation of treatments.
Rather than having different hardware for face and body, simulation and/or skin analysis, LifeViz® Infinity offers a comprehensive solution in an all-in-one system. This new addition to the LifeViz® range will bring portability to face and now breast 3D acquisition. Superior image quality has been reached by working on improving the optics performance. The LifeViz® Infinity produce excellent pictures from near and far thanks to a large and deep field of view.

We have explored the dual beam pointer system and adapted it with one distance for the face and one for breast available in one switch. Then, for the first time, reproducible pictures are possible without repositioning and/or multi-head systems for face and breast. Last but not least, a powerful external flash will make you forget about any external lighting conditions. More, a dual flash has been set to adapt to distance and erase 3D artefact.

This objective solution is ideal for:
  • 3D photodocumentation of face, breast and body
  • Simulation of aesthetics procedures outcomes for face, breast and body
  • Facial skin complexion analysis (optional)
  • Color visualization of volume changes after procedure and quantification in cc
  • Convincing patients to engage in face and breast procedures
  • Imaging Systems
    The 3D Face Shaper module

    Demonstrate facial harmony
    Differentiate and optimize your practice with the simulation tool – the 3D Face Shaper. In just a few seconds, project into the future and show your patient the benefits of aesthetic treatments or surgical interventions by simulating before / after results on a real and complete 3D image. Highlight treatment options and meet your patient expectations with personalized 3D simulations. It will reassure your patients, increase retention and ultimately grow your practice.


    3D Analysis™

    With the 3D Analysis™ module, it has never been so easy to detect and quantify fine wrinkles, pores, acne lesions, etc. with an extraordinary level of accuracy and precision to determine subtle volume, surface and depth changes over time. You can better assess the efficacy for a given treatment and improve your patient diagnosis and follow up with 3D measurements including: Volume, Surface, Perimeter, Length, Width, Distance, Average depth/height.

    3D LifeViz® Infinity  3D LifeViz® Infinity

3D LifeViz® Infinity 3D LifeViz® Infinity