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Neoqi Dream

Manufacturer: NeoQi
The SPA-capsule Dream is a carefully designed device, necessary for carrying out classical SPA rituals. Dream features the most popular and effective functions for body shape correction, improving blood circulation, cellulite reduction, stress relief and rejuvenation. Combined with advanced rehabilitation technologies, the above-mentioned options are supplemented with a healing effect, has beneficial impact on overall health.

The Dream energy cocoon provides a unique opportunity to get away from daily bustle, relax and forget about all the problems. After the treatment, the customer experience a burst of energy, better mood and sleep recovery.

Dream cocoon was specifically developed for body care treatments in beauty salons and day spas with limited room.

Thermal treatment (steam and/or infrared sauna). The humid heat smooths out wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin, while the infrared sauna provides deeper body heating, speeding up the metabolism, enhancing blood circulation and reducing muscle pain. With the simultaneous application of these thermotherapy methods, a unique environment is created inside the capsule, comparable to being in the mother’s womb – the customer is filled with a feeling of comfort, happiness and spiritual harmony.
Vichy shower/hand shower for the body. The Vichy shower is necessary for general massage and stress relief. Jets of warm water provide a pleasant and painless massage, reducing the appearance of cellulite, relieving muscle tensions, strengthening and restoring the body after injuries and stress. Beneficial properties of Vichy shower are even more prominent when combined with other SPA-treatments: wraps, scrubs and massages.

Exfoliation of the body – a necessary step in all body care treatments, especially body contouring and cellulite reduction programs. Exfoliation ensures deep cleansing and rejuvenation, enhancing lipolysis and improving skin elasticity.

Body wraps with the use of various cosmetics. Just a few annual courses of body wraps help to prevent the re-formation of cellulite, keeping the skin supple, radiant and healthy. Wraps are also an effective mean in the fight with excess weight, helping to restore shape after the pregnancy and reduce the swelling. Due to the feature of Vichy shower, all masks can be easily washed off directly in the SPA-capsule.
Oil massage. Massage promotes relaxation and relief from both physical and mental stress. Various range of massages help to correct problem areas, get rid of muscles cellulite and pain in the, activate blood- and lymph circulation. After a massage session, the client will experience the ultimate relaxation and peace of mind, thus ensuring a healthy sleep and liberation from disturbing thoughts.
Facial during the body care treatment. While the customer`s body is under the beneficial effect of SPA-capsule, the therapist can perform various face care applications. Scrub, massage, mask – provide full body and face care.