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Harmony Mediq

Manufacturer: NeoQi
The Harmony Mediq is premium model in Neoqi product range. Mediq is attractive for rehabilitation centres and health care institutions as it is longer, larger and easily accessible from all sides. Nevertheless, with its multitude of treatments Harmony Mediq is still an all-around cocoon suitable for beauty parlors, spa hotels, day spas, sports teams, recreation and spa centres.

Basic Treatments in Neoqi® Mediq
  • Steam procedure (steam and/or infrared sauna)
  • Vichy shower/Hand shower for body
  • Hydrotherapy procedure in the bathtub with hydro- and air-bubble massage
  • Body scrub
  • Body wrapping with usage of cosmetic masks
  • Massage with oil
  • Facial during body treatment
  • Underwater hand-held jet-massage
  • Combined comprehensive programms

- Infrared sauna
- Steam sauna
- Aroma therapy
- Vichy shower
- Vibrating treatment table
- Color lights system
- Hydromassage
- Air bubble massage
- Hand-held jet for watermassage
- Music system (MP3)
- Face cooling fan
- Hand shower
- Ozonator cleaning system
- 6 side jets
- 8 back massage jets
- 2 jets for feet
- 10 bottom air-jets
- Fast water fill-in and drainage
Thermal treatment (steam and/or infrared sauna)
Steam sauna. A gentle warm mist lightly envelopes the body with moisture, starting the process of detoxification, improving blood circulation and promoting the absorption of the most valuable vitamins and minerals into the upper layers of the dermis.

Infrared sauna. One of the most efficient thermotherapy methods. Heat waves penetrate deep into the body, warming it in the most comfortable conditions. The IR rays gives the muscle relaxation, helps to loose excessive weight effectively, and serves as a great prophylactic measure against cardiovascular and upper respiratory tracts diseases.

Vichy shower.
The healing Vichy shower is rightfully considered to be one of the best hydrotherapy treatments.

A downpour of water droplets hits the body, providing massage to problematic areas, correcting the shape of the body and relieving muscle tension. Depending on the chosen Vichy shower mode, it is possible to stimulate rejuvenation, cure cellulites and seasonal depressions.

Hydro- and air massage hydrotherapy treatment in the whirlpool bath.
Another effective method of exploiting the healing properties of water. Strong and rigid jets of water painlessly massage the problematic areas, restoring the skins elasticity, softness and resilience. Thousands of tiny air bubbles soothe the skin, appeasing the nervous system, relieving pain and muscle tension.

Full body peeling
This spa ritual provides nutrition, moisturisation and skin elasticity improvement. The use of different cosmetics opens therapy specialists limitless possibilities. Mango and papaya extracts will carry the client into blazing tropics, while a mixture of oriental spices will immerse him in a mysterious world of dreams and fantasies.

Full body wrap with the use of cosmetic masks.
A pleasant and effective treatment, aimed at reinvigorating as well as solving cosmetic problems and health complications. Just a few wrapping courses a year will help prevent the reappearance of cellulitis, keeping the skin resilient, shining and healthy.

Oil massage.
One of the best means of relaxation and health improvement. The ergonomic bed and the special design of the capsule allow the therapist to carry out any type of massage with the maximal comfort.

Face treatment during body treatment.
During the session, the therapist can carry out the necessary face skin treatment. Supplement the spa capsule programming with pleasurable and wholesome treatments.

Underwater handheld massage jet.
Hydromassage using a directed flow of water helps improve the condition of the skin, surface muscle layers and internal organs. The treatment is both relaxing and invigorating. The combined programs of the Harmony Mediq spa capsule are an all-inclusive physiotherapeutic complex, enabling to carry out a universal set of esthetical and health improving treatments. The wide range of functions allows composing unique individual programs, based on the customers needs.