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3D LifeViz® Body


Manufacturer: QuantifiCare
The first portable 3D camera for 360° view for body contouring and evaluation

QuantifiCare unveiled the LifeViz® Body system based on a revolutionary acquisition process which quickly captures a 360° body in 3D. With a hand-held camera and software, eight images are taken automatically and seamlessly stitched to produce a ‘life-like’ three-dimensional image of the body for visualization by the physician and your patients.

About the Software

The consultation process can be difficult for patients to imagine treatment outcomes. With the simulation tool, you can illustrate intervention possibilities directly on your patient’s 3D image and determine a clear treatment plan. Get 3D view of your patient body and recommend the right treatment based on body measurements and simulation. Assess volume difference before and after the treatment and illustrate the exact distribution via a color map to track your patient’s progress.

You can use the full 360° image to accurately track both surgical (liposuction, fat grafting, butt lift) and non-surgical treatments (cryolipolysis, RF-powered, hyperthermic laser lypolysis).


The solution is ideal to:
  • Photodocument body in 3D
  • Get circumferential measurements
  • Simulate body shaping results
  • View and assess dimples
  • Standardize before/after 3D pictures
  • Visualize with a color map the changes after procedure and quantify in cc.
3D LifeViz® Body