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Manufacturer: EunSung
The combination of 3 functions for complete skin care

Skin care system that combines 3 technologies – micro-dermabrasion with diamonds, hydro-dermabrasion and mesotherapy – for the exfoliation, infusion and penetration of active ingredients in the tegument, resulting in a clean skin, radiating with beauty. The efficient combination of 3 technologies for the perfect skin care.

Hydrabeauty treatment
  • Profound cleansing (micro-dermabrasion with diamonds)
  • Exfoliation treatments (micro-dermabrasion with diamonds)
  • Removal of dermal parasites (hydro-dermabrasion)
  • Minimization of pores (hydro-dermabrasion)
  • Improvement of skin texture (hydro-dermabrasion)
  • Tonifying and hydration (hydro-dermabrasion)
  • Delivery of active substances (dermoporation / virtual mesotherapy)
  • Transdermal penetration (dermoporation / virtual mesotherapy)
  • The treatment of superficial wrinkles (dermoporation / virtual mesotherapy)

Using a powerful combination of two types of treatment heads: Vacuum & Vortex/Vacuum & Spiral, of the unique Hydrabeauty™ and AquaClean™ systems, the result is not only exfoliation, besides that there’s also a micro-dermabrasion effect and profound cleansing of the skin’s surface in the same time. The skin will become clearer, brighter and more hydrated.

Micro-dermabrasion with diamonds

Micro-dermabrasion with diamonds offers a non-surgical option for facial skin cleansing, with the help of sterile pieces of diamonds, afterwards the dead skin cell particles and impurities are vacuumed. This procedure will remove the dead skin cells, imperfections, scars, wrinkles and unwanted pigmentation of the skin.


Without invasively intervening upon the cellular structure, the micro-currents create a temporary opening on the cell membranes, allowing the penetration of active ingredients in the deeper layers of the skin.


  • Multipolar mesotherapy technology (does not require an extra pole to close the circuit)
  • Ergonomic multifunctionality
  • Technologies with synergic effects
  • Multifunctional system for body and facial treatments
  • Convenient auto-cleaning system
  • Personalizable treatments (vacuum - 5 levels, infusion -3 levels, electroporation – 10 levels)
Technical specifications
Vacuum solutions5 levels
Infusion3 levels
Number of solutions3+1 for cleaning
Micro-dermabrasion vacuum10 levels
Mesotherapy10 levels
Electrical specifications220-240V/50Hz
Display5.7 inch LCD screen
ManufacturerEunsung Global Corp.
Before and after