Medical Equipment

Aquaroll Pro

Manufacturer: Aquaroll SAS

Aquaroll systems are innovative bead massage systems for the feet, ankles, legs and hand / wrist. They meet the requirements of Spas,day spas, medi-spas, Hydrotherapy Centers,Beauty institutes Thermal Baths, Hotels, Health Farms, etc.

Using its hydromechanical operation to achieve an activation of the microcirculation and a reflexology effect from the moving beads, , Aquaroll provides a dynamic massage for the reflex zones of the feet and hands, inducing a feeling of intense relaxation.

Aquaroll Thermer

Manufacturer: Aquaroll SAS

A bead hydromassage system with automatic filling and draining and a specific circuit for corrosive water whether sea water or spring water. Aquaroll Thermer is ideal for frequent, specific professional use with corrosive water. 
The innovative technology of the Aquaroll bead hydromassage system, combined with a very high level of satisfaction among your clients, will set you apart.