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Aquaroll Thermer

Manufacturer: Aquaroll SAS
A bead hydromassage system with automatic filling and draining and a specific circuit for corrosive water whether sea water or spring water. Aquaroll Thermer is ideal for frequent, specific professional use with corrosive water. 
The innovative technology of the Aquaroll bead hydromassage system, combined with a very high level of satisfaction among your clients, will set you apart.

Natural, Simple and Effective
Aquaroll Thermer is first and foremost water and beads in movement for the promotion of well-being. 
Water: A natural source of life and an essential component of the body, water is one of nature’s greatest riches. 
It shares its benefits day after day, naturally hydrating, soothing and relaxing.

Beads: Glass is a noble material, both neutral and natural. The transparency, shape and polish of the beads create softness. The density of the glass exerts dynamic pressure. The massage is achieved by agitation of the glass beads and the flux and reflux of the water.

In movement: Movement of the water-bead medium provides a dynamic massage and procures an intense feeling of well-being.

Well-being contributes to relaxation of the body and mind and helps retain youthful energy and vitality.

Aquaroll systems are routinely used by spas, reknowned Thalassotherapy centres, functional rehabilitation centers and health professionals in physical therapy for the feet, ankles, hands and wrists following injury or surgery.
To find out more about the results obtained with Aquaroll 

Aquaroll Thermer is mains operated. It is mounted on wheels making it easy to move. Its design, colors and size have been specially conceived so that it can fit harmoniously into your establishment. 

Removable tank containing 11 litres of glass beads (2.9 gal US) and 3.8 litres of water (1 gal US). 

Control panel: 
This is used to set the rotation speed in order to decrease or increase the massage speed, as well as to supply cold or hot fresh water 

Mean that the system can be easily moved to the chosen place. Integrated lock system. 

Hot water supply and shower: 
Aquaroll Thermer’s fast, practical automatic filling, draining and rinsing system, using water at a regulated temperature, makes it ideal for frequent use or simply convenience. Corrosive water (sea water, spring water) can be used. 

Mains operated: 
Electricity consumption 1,5Kw/h. 

Height 106 cm (41.7 in)
Depth 103.5 cm (40.7 in)
Width 69 cm (27.2 in) 

Aquaroll has been developed and is made in France. It complies with European standards . 

Aquaroll carries the medical CE mark. 

Aquaroll is natural and highly effective. Designed and made in France, Aquaroll systems combine reflextherapy, hydrotherapy, thermotherapy, press therapy, kneading, friction and micro-percussion.