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Hardware Cosmetology

Aqua Clean

Manufacturer: EunSung

Aqua Clean, Eunsung uses 4 different types of solution along with an advance vacuum technology. It is a innovative skin control system that works in 3 steps to dissolves impurities and other causes of skin problem then supplies nourishing properties to skin, resulting in reduced pore size and healthier skin.

Fraction CO2

Manufacturer: EunSung

Fraction CO2 is an optimum solution for laser surgery treatment by fractionated CO2 laser technology. The advanced laser delivers the CO2 laser energy in a fractional pattern, which leaves untreated regions between the treated regions of skin, and the treated tissue will be repaired to healthy tissue in a short period of time.

Octoline 2

Manufacturer: EunSung

Octoline 2 EunSung is innovative skin care equipment. It offers optimized treatments for all who want to get skin care treatments on a daily basis and also good for people who need after care treatments after a laser treatment. Jet peeling and Scrubber remove the layers of dead skin and cleanse skin pores. Spray and Phonophoresis/Ultrasound deliver effective nutrients supplements into the skin through barrier zone. In combination of treatments, you can offer an optimized service to any patient with any skin type. You can treat 2 patients simultaneously with this single device.

Silk Sonic: Ultrasounds Scrub and micro-ionoforesys

Manufacturer: Cesare Quaranta

Silk Sonic is an up-to-date and useful equipment for face and body treatments. It’s the combination of two actions: ultrasound and electrostimulation. Thanks to the vibration generated by ultrasounds and currents emission, Silk Sonic produces different actions on skin: Deep cleaning power, good penetration capacity of active principles, soft and delicate massage, revitalizing power, metabolic stimulation of cells activity, anti-ageing effect, tonic power.

Q-Energy - Low Frequency Ultrasounds

Manufacturer: Cesare Quaranta

Q-energy is the ideal device for the shock treatments against the particularly evident and difficult anti-aesthetic signs such as the “orange peel”. The action of Q-Energy is safe, not invasive and selective. Thanks to its orientable handpiece it is easy to localize the treatment where the cellulite sign is more evident. The results are immediately visible already after the first sessions: cellulite and adiposity are reduced progressively and the body acquires new tonicity.

Divina - Electrostimulation

Manufacturer: Cesare Quaranta

Deep and absolutely pleasant impulses wrap tissues from a superficial level down to muscle fibers as per program selected.

Controlled currents emissions with different wave form are modulated at frequencies ranging from 33 Hz to 5.000 Hz to allow the performance of personalized and effective programs.

Soft Stim - Electrostimulation

Manufacturer: Cesare Quaranta

Stimulation has never been so delicate and pleasant. The toning and remodelling treatments are performed with the application of pregelled electrodes directly on the muscle mass; the different wave forms reaching te body will perform the physiological results in short time.