Furniture and accessories


Manufacturer: Esagono

Beautiful and elegant, thanks to its steam it is specific for massages and Spa treatments. Designed to be really practical, it has a simple and fascinating design. Strong, totally made of okoumé wood; with the application of its practical cover, it is possible to increase the internal temperature and thus completely wrap the customer in steam: all the treatments will be pleasant and relaxing.

Aqa Wood

Manufacturer: Lemi

Revised and enhanced with an elegant design, and offering a multitude of available functions, the Aqa Wood is the new Lemi Group wet table equipped with a functional water-enhanced vibromassage. The unit is ideal for any type of wet treatment, including scrubs, body wraps and mud therapy, and even allows for complete body cleansing and rinsing at the end of the treatment, with no need for an in-cabin shower. The Aqa Wood’s most innovative function, however, is its steam bath, which is provided thanks to a powerful stainless steel generator.



Sophie is an exclusive treatment table / massage couch is the most popular model of SPA couches in western Europe. The 7 sections massage table allows positioning the patient in the desired position, and with it's multi-layered, soft upholstery the treatment is very comfortable.

Lemi 3

Manufacturer: Lemi

The Lemi Syncro Bizak is a multifunctional electric bed which has been specifically designed for dermatological examinations, laser treatments and diagnostic examinations. The Syncro bi-zak comes complete with three electric actuators, which allow for the customer to remain comfortably reclined during adjustment operations. The synchronized backrest and leg-rest adjustment, the tilt adjustment (trendelenburg) and the height adjustment can all be operated by means of a convenient pedal control.


Manufacturer: Esagono

Made for real practicality, it has a simple and solid design, completely made of okoumé wood, equipped with a handy paper roll holder and adjustable backrest.


Manufacturer: Esagono

Strong, completely made of wood, specific for ayurvedic treatments, equipped with oil-collecting channels. It is suitable for the performance of many treatments and all kinds of massage.


Manufacturer: Esagono

A small bed with a splendid design that is practical, ergonomic and strong. Made for real practicality, it has a charming and simple design. It is strong, made entirely of okoumé wood and is equipped with a lower storage box and a practical toilet roll holder.

Spa Dream Top

Manufacturer: Lemi

With its electrical height adjustment, the Spa Dream Top is the Lemi massage bed of exclusive design which is capable of revolutionizing the idea of wellness by combining both emotion and style. Equipped with a heated water mattress, divided into 10 separate cushions to keep the water evenly distributed, this bed allows the operator to create a stable surface and to perform any type of massage (event the most vigorous and localized). The operator even has the possibility of choosing between three different temperature settings.

Spa dream Q

Manufacturer: Lemi

What could feel better than the warmth of the sand upon your skin? With the Spa Dream Q , you can experience that same sensation in your wellness center! The sand is comprised of spherical yellow quartz, which envelops the body when heated in order to create a total sense of inner relaxation. Combined with the particular grain size of the sand itself, the sea-like “dry heat” provides for exceptional comfort, thus resulting in a perfect massage support. Featuring a color therapy mechanism with 7 alternating or selectable colors, the Spa Dream Q can be mounted upon a fixed-height or height-adjustable telescopic base (available upon request).

Spa Glam

Manufacturer: Lemi

Anyone who thinks that the ideal bed for massages and esthetic treatments cannot also be and elegant and exclusive design object is not familiar with Spa Glam, the spa bed for facial and body treatments made entirely from wood. Its large, comfortable mattress and face hole render it particularly suited to every type of massage, while its adjustable, gas-spring operated backrest also allows the unit to be used for facial treatments. The Spa Glam can be furnished with an innovative mattress heating device upon request.