Soft Stim - Electrostimulation

Manufacturer: Cesare Quaranta

Stimulation has never been so delicate and pleasant.

The toning and remodelling treatments are performed with the application of pregelled electrodes directly on the muscle mass; the different wave forms reaching te body will perform the physiological results in short time.

Soft Stim is good to:

  • a deep electostimulation witth amazing effects on muscular and tissues atropy
  • Increase muscles mass training through fitness cycle
  • Oxygen tissues stimulation
  • Limph drainage to defeat local or extended aedemas
  • Venous drainage to re-establish venous circulation
  • Deafeat cellulite in its various phases.

On face and body impulses are soft, filterd by a pillow: 8 kind of electrostimulation for lifting, draining with a consequent reduction of oedemas; anti-age treatments to increase muscular and tissue oxigenation; massage to increase regeneration of cells and tissues and a better elimination of toxins and increase of metabolic exchanges.