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Q-Energy - Low Frequency Ultrasounds

Manufacturer: Cesare Quaranta

Q-energy is the ideal device for the shock treatments against the particularly evident and difficult anti-aesthetic signs such as the “orange peel”. The action of Q-Energy is safe, not invasive and selective. Thanks to its orientable handpiece it is easy to localize the treatment where the cellulite sign is more evident. The results are immediately visible already after the first sessions: cellulite and adiposity are reduced progressively and the body acquires new tonicity.

Q-Energy intensifies the low frequency ultrasound phenomenon. The ultrasound action reaches the deepest tissue layers by weakening the adipose structure, by stimulating the microcirculation reactivation and by contributing to reduce cellulite progressively.

All 6 Q-Energy programmes

The Q-Energy action is concentrated on legs and gluteus and it foresees 3 specific programmes for each of the two body zones, studied to fight cellulite at every stage: weak, oedematous and fibrous.

All the programmes have the preset treatment time and ultrasound emission power level. Both the parameters can be modified easily, through the LCD display menu, according to the client’s requirements.