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Manufacturer: Cesare Quaranta

The ideal combination of two technologies to reactivate the natural vigour of your face and body skin against ageing signs.

Jei is an aesthetic device exploiting two innovative technologies aimed to treat the most common imperfection of face and body:

  • BioMi: molecular and ionic bio- vehiculation of active principles;
  • High-efficiency IR Led for the tissue photobiomodulation.
BioMI – BioVehiculation of Active Principles

BioMI is the acronym of “molecule and ion bio-vehiculation of active principles”. It is about a biocompatible aesthetic method inducing small reversible structural modifications at the corneal layer level such as to allow the absorption of the active principles contained in the cosmetics of the Activa40 line.

High-Efficiency IR Photobiomodulation

Photobiomodulation is a technique of cellular stimulation applied to the photo- rejuvenation treatments.

Jei IR, output at 870 nm frequency, stimulate the biological answer of the tissues, by inducing complex biochemical reactions: this effectively treats ageing signs the relaxed skin.

Jei innovation is the use of high-performing LEDs that concentrate all the power in a very reduced area: it allows treating adequately also extensive and not perfectly flat surfaces by providing the target tissue an energy with balanced intensity, by stimulating the photoreceptors and by inducing a cellular reaction.