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Manufacturer: CryoSlim
An effective technology

The CryoSlim is a device using a new technology based on a physic principle known since more than one hundred years: the adipose tissue cells (adipocytes) are more sensitive than other cells to a prolonged exposure to cold. The goal of this treatment is the reduction of localized fat deposits by the destruction of adipocytes. The technique combines the vacuum suction skin fold through a specific handpiece named “Cryode” and cooling of the temperature to -0.5° C (or 31.1° F) or 0.5° C (or 32.9° F).

Body sculpting through Cryolipolysis

Redraw hips, defeat the ever-present bulges you were not able to eliminate diet after diet, sculpt the buttock contouring, the double chin, the inner thighs or the knees, skin firming... Cryolipolysis is the answer to all these concerns through a non-invasive and lasting manner.

Efficient method of fat reduction for adipose tissues, where diet or spot activity is helpless.

  • Visible results after the first session
  • High precision of targeted zones (Anti-cellulite/ Firming / Slimming)
Clinical study results
  • 30% - 40% of adipose folds eliminated in one session
  • Painless
CryoSlim_krioterapija_Clinicus_Vilnius_riebalu_naikinimas_Salcio_terapija-14.jpg  CryoSlim
The advantages of CryoSlim
  • Efficienty
    Definitive reduction of up to 8 cm in waistline
  • Safety
    Non-invasive, no haematomas or tissue lesions
  • Quality ans Price
    100% French made
    Immediate return on investment
    No consumables
Before and after